AC Facility

  • AC at UP venue
    • At UP, we built a state-of-the-art assessment centre (AC) facility that can cater for the full running of a professional AC. The AC facility consists of a boardroom, assessee room; four breakaway rooms and an observer room. The facility is fully equipped with the latest DVD, audio and recording equipment.
    • Administering of an AC
      • If you don’t have your own assessment centre (AC) facility, you can make use of the AC at UP facility.
      • We can facilitate an AC on your behalf or you can utilise the AC facility by yourself.
    • DVD recordings
      • If you need a venue to do recordings, we can assist you.
      • We provide you with the latest DVD, audio and recording equipment to make your recording.
      • We have a recording team who will record and present you with a professional DVD of your session.