About us

Enterprises University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd, with the UP Department of Human Resource Management, have setup a state of the art Assessment Center (AC) facility and advisory service. Enterprises UP is the facilitator between the business world and the specialist expertise and resources located at UP through contract research and advisory services such as those of the Assessment Centre.

Functioning under the leadership of Prof Deon Meiring, a respected academic and researcher in the field of AC in South Africa at the Department of Human Resources, the Assessment Centre at UP is committed to deliver high-quality professional services in consulting and research as well as training & development, in the field of Assessment Center Method.

Prof Meiring was the chairperson (2006- 2007) of the Assessment Centre Study Group (ACSG) and was awarded an honorary membership by the ACSG for his work in the field of AC in South Africa. Prof Meiring is currently leading the research focus area on assessment centers in South Africa and consults in industry on assessment center practice.